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Aliant Lithium Batteries

October 05, 2018 2 min read

Aliant Lithium Batteries motorcycles

We have put together a comparison chart for you to compare the Yuasa Battery Part numbers against the Aliant Lithium version so you can get the correct fitment for your motorcycle

YLP Series - the lightest and most compact lithium starter battery for motorcycles

The following part numbers and thier Yuasa equivalent





YLP10 - YTZ10S



YLP18 - YB16(L)-B,YB18(L)-A,YTX18(L)-BS,51913


YLP30 - YIX30L,YIX30L-BS,53030,YB30L-B

Ultralow weight and compact design!

The unique design of these batteries, totally different from any other lithium batteries in the market, allow a great weight saving and reduce battery footprint. The dimensions of a 14AH lithium batteries are tipically same of a 14Ah lead acid battery, while the dimensions of our YLP14 lithium battery are almost half compared to OE lead acid battery.

Not only that: YLP batteries features the advantages of ALICHEM Lifepo4 technology. The safest lithium iron phosphate technology allow long life cycles (up to 3000 cycles @ 80% Dod) and secure great power even @ low temperatures. That is why our batteries are trusted by many customers from Finland to Brazil, from Australia to Chile - the performances of the batteries are reliable in any climatic condition.

Exclusive features

  • Good behavior at high and low temperature (test @ -18°C)
  • Up to 3000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Up to 12000 start
  • Weight reduction: 50% lighter than traditional batteries
  • Ultra rapid complete charge: 100% in less than 40’
  • Ultra rapid partial charge in less than 2 minutes
  • Lowest self discharge rate: < 0.05 % daily (battery disconnected)
  • Longer life : 3 to 5 times higher than traditional batteries
  • Fit any mounting position 

Aliant YLP lithium Battery

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