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Stock Updates

June 07, 2020 2 min read

Stock Updates

The corona virus pandemic might well be declining, if you believe the figures released now at the end of May. However the next phase of the pandemic is about to start, the economic one with the lack of production and supplies so far this year. We work with some of the best distributors in the U.K. and have really appreciated their hard work and supply whilst the pandemic was at its peak. 

Companies like Renthal & Talon had to stop production in the U.K. following on from Aliant, Arrow & Valtermoto shutting down in Italy a month or so before them. This has had and will continue to have a knock on effect across the motorcycle trade for months to come. 

We have our first big Renthal restock coming the first week of June, and then being told that’s going to be the last big restock to the end of July. Backorders will be prioritised before any new orders are sent out. Talon we are being told is a 10-12 week lead time for any out of stock sprockets. 

Aliant batteries are due back in stock the second week of June. Coming from Italy via road due to the nature of the products causes delays in deliveries to the U.K. at the best of times let alone the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

Arrow exhausts are back in full production and saying the usual 7-10 working days for delivery to the U.K. for their stunning systems. 

Shido batteries are finally back in stock at the distributor and we are expecting our first deliver the second week of June, again all back orders will be sent out ASAP. 

Valtermoto are back in production and the first few deliveries to the U.K. have started arriving this month.

CNC Racing have now appointed a new U.K. distributor and we are waiting to see how this works out compared to dealing with the factory. We are expecting the deliveries to take a few days longer unfortunately due to the extra man in the middle.

 Accossato stocks should be good as the U.K. distributor we buy from holds good stock levels on the more popular items. 

Brembo will no doubt be it’s usual hit and miss supply depending on the product ranges. Road biase brake pads like the SA, SC & RC compounds will be in good supply as always. The race compounds and products could well be all over the place as they are supplied by a different U.K. distributor. 

BikesPlast fairings are still being produced and are about a 14 day lead time from ordering, perfect for the summer season or for a winter in warmer climates in Europe 

We have been looking across Europe for suppliers for some of these brands to try and ensure reasonable supply for you all. 

The virus might well be in decline but the issues for the motorcycle trade are now beginning, we are sure many of you have been furloughed or out of work for some of this time, or are back at work now with reduced workforce abiding to social distancing rules so will understand the situations and frustrations we are all unfortunately heading for...

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