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Capit offers a wide range of exclusive and quality products – tyrewarmers, track accessories, motorcycle covers, heated clothing and Dry System products (suit dryer and helmet dryer) – suitable to satisfy professional teams, but also private people who love running on the track.
Helmet Dryer Capit
£150.00 GBP £160.00 GBP
Maxima Vision Capit
£650.00 GBP
Full-Zone Vision Capit
£990.00 GBP
Bike Cover Capit
£72.00 GBP
Suit Dryer Capit
£200.00 GBP £215.00 GBP
Wind Stopper Capit
£250.00 GBP
Tyre Temp Gauge Capit
£39.95 GBP
Wheel / Rim Bag Capit
£65.00 GBP

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