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Matris was founded in Italy in 1980 and have since developed a great reputation in the motorcycle market place, producing great quality motorbike suspension components for a wide range of bikes. 

They are manufacturered to the highest quality standards and are available in three different formats - the 'KD series' range is suitable for road use, the 'K series' features more adjustment for road and track use and their top of the range 'R series' is fully adjustable for use on the road, road and track and also on the race circuit. 

All Matris shocks are based on a 46mm piston and use a 16mm diameter piston rod and some of shock absorbers in the range have an option of a hydraulic preload adjuster. 

Please be aware that all Matris shock absorbers are built to order and normally have a leadtime of around 3-4 weeks. 

Matris R Series Shock Matris
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