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Evolution Line - Honda

Evolution Line - Honda


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This top-of-the-range full system is made from lightweight titanium that is over 40% lighter than stock, providing a weight savings of 3 kg, all designed to aid performance and handling. It is a direct derivative of the system the Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team is racing with. With a deep, sporty sound with improved power and torque through the whole range, this is simply the best option for the Honda CBR1000RR. Race-tested materials give the bike a true racing feel, with design, performance, and sound straight from the track. ECU re-mapping is required.

If passenger footrests are not installed carbon fibre muffler bracket is mandatory (as shown on the product image).

The Evolution Line Kit will transform the performance, handling, and behavior of your superbike, making it a thoroughbred race machine.

2017-2019 Stats - *Stainless Headers

  • Power
    +4.9 kW at 7550 rpm
  • Torque
    +6.8 at 3100 rpm
  • Weight
    -3.0 kg

2020 Stats

  • Power
    +11.9 kW at 8100 rpm
  • Torque
    +14.4 Nm at 7800 rpm
  • Weight
    -2.8 kg
  • The SP System can only be used with bikes running the HRC race kit
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