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Arrow Exhausts

GP2 - Yamaha

GP2 - Yamaha


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Based on the design of Moto2 exhaust systems, GP2 silencers are a practical, performing and easy-to-install solution for naked and sportbikes.
Available only as slip on system (well, there are few exceptions), GP2 silencers are compact, light and high-performing.
Available with canister in titanium (satin finish) or in a special stainless steel alloy (“dark” finish – black painted), they have a cylindrical section and give to the bike a really sporty sound. Exit pipe section and design recalls the racing look of sportbikes used in the golden age of motorcycling and gives a big contribution to a lean and aggressive style.
Mounting clamp is now available in carbon fibre (replacing the previous one, made in titanium alloy) and we decided to use a new Arrow logo made for race systems (a thermal-proof sticker for titanium silencers and a laser-etched logo for silencers in “dark” stainless steel alloy).
GP2 silencers, depending on application, are available in racing or street legal version.

Some of these systems are factory order items and will be 10-14 working days for dispatch.

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