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Bazzaz - KTM

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Traction is drive.

Control rear wheel spin to optimize corner-exit drive
Proven results and championships in road racing and land speed racing

Faster corner exit with controlled tire spin and improved traction
Improves rider confidence on corner exit
Sensitivity is fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, and gear
Inference level tunable by throttle position
Improve forward momentum and decrease your lap times
Improve tire performance in adverse conditions
Integrated with fuel control and new universal strain gauge quick shift technology

How it Works
First and only piggy back TC system that uses RPM data, not wheel speed sensors, to determine tire spin
Cuts ignition for milliseconds at a time to limit power to the rear wheel and maintain traction based on rider preferences
Combined with strain gauge quick shift and fuel control

Who needs it?
Competitors looking for the highest level of performance electronics at an affordable price
Any rider looking to improve track times and advance in skill level with traction control
Competitors seeking faster lap times with better traction, quick shift, and fuel tuning
Competitors who need tunable TC in place of inflexible OEM system

Fuel Tuning

The most efficient way to true performance.



'Wakes up' performance
Crisp and responsive throttle
Smooths out throttle transitions
HP and torque gains

How it Works

Power is dependent on how well the air / fuel mixture is ignited in the cylinder.
Air / fuel ratio (AFR) is controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
Bazzaz fuel controllers piggy back onto the ECU, intercepting the signals sent to the fuel injectors and modifying them.
The precise data for these changes is stored in the fuel controller in the form of a fuel map.

Who needs it?

Every vehicle can benefit from fuel tuning.
Stock vehicles may come with an air/fuel mixture that can be too lean or too rich in various areas, affecting performance.
Vehicles with any modifications (such as exhaust or high-flow filters) must have their fueling tuned to accommodate the change in air volume to the AFR.
Variables in fuel tuning include: fuel blend or type, engine wear, exhaust, filter, engine modifications, air temperature, air pressure, and humidity.


Our fuel controllers and self mapping module make advanced fuel tuning simple.
The Z-Fi fuel controller is what stores the fuel maps. Plug and play to get started. Tune to a higher level with easy to use software.

Make it race.

Full throttle, clutchless upshifting.

Stand Alone Quick Shift
Comes with everything: strain gage, rod, harness, control unit

Transforms any bike into a machine for racing
Exhilarating and fun acceleration
Crucial for competition

How it Works
Bazzaz quick shift units sense when the shift lever is activated
Ignition is cut for milliseconds at a time, imperceptibly fast, to allow shift
Ignition cut times taper through the gears for seamless shifting

Who needs it?
Anyone wanting the performance and feel of a race bike
All competitors

* Modern superbike fitments are kept in stock in the UK, some of the older bikes would need to be ordered in from the USA please contact us for delivery times if your in a rush.

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