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Bike Cover

Bike Cover


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Even in a closed environment, your motorcycle needs continuous protection, for example from dust or humidity, which is why it’s useful to have always a motorcycle cover.

Capit’s Motorcycle Covers are used by the greatest champions of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 and are produced entirely in Italy with high quality materials.

The breathable fabric used avoids, for example, the condensation inside the motorcycle cover, as it allows humidity to evaporate and not damage the vehicle, preserving the integrity and functionality of the fairings and mechanical and electrical components.

The Capit Motorcycle Cover is elastic and is tailored to any different motorbike brand. It is available in six single colours (black , red , blue, orange , yellow and green) or upon order in the version sublimatica, totally personalised by means of graphics as per the pictures.The capit logo is only on the front of the cover and not the sides as per the pictures to advertise the cutoms prints.

You will only have to send us your personalised file and it will be printed on the cover following your instructions.

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