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Kawasaki Front Pads

Kawasaki Front Pads


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Brake pads

Brake pads are fundamental elements in any brake system because they are directly responsible for transmitting the power of the caliper to the brake disc so that it can overpower the brake pads without strain. Galfer has developed specifics compounds for each use and motorcycle model looking to offer the top performances in all type of driving and for all the profiles and needs of users.



  • Powerful, progressive & modular brake
  • Low wear rate and minimum noise
  • Maximum resistance to the fade effect
  • Efficiency in wet conditions
  • No wear on brake disc
  • Semi metallic: 1050/1054 sport road and 1651/1805 leisure.
  • Sintered: 1370/1371/1375/1380/1383 road/track, 1375R sport/racing, 1310/1395 competition
  • Needed when using Galfer discs for warranty purposes.
  • Pics are generic.
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