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DC1.0 Charger


This Charger is perfect for for all different types of motorcycle batteries such as Lithium (LiFePO4) Ion Batteries and all types of Lead Acid battery

This Charger protects against polarity reversal and short circuits

These motorbike battery chargers are clever, very clever, and with the use of pre-installed algorithms dictate the optimum Voltage (V) and Current (A) for the battery that has been connected. That in-built intelligence is not only for when the battery is connected, oh no! The Charger will also re-calculate throughout the time the battery is connected to apply any further optimisation.

An example of this could be a 'flat' lithium LiFePO4 battery (<10V) – Which should be charged very gently from the start by applying a very low voltage and current and then incrementally increasing these. Applying high voltage and current directly from the start will cause premature failure and chargers that apply more than 15V will cause severe damage to your Lithium battery.

The Shido Dual Charger takes all of the worry away and gives you the ability to 'Plug in and leave' knowing in confidence your battery will be at peak performance when required.

This battery charger can be used with with traditional lead acid, gel and Lithium Ion batteries

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