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Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 2017-2023

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 2017-2023


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Street Bike Compounds

SA – The Sintered Road Pad
These Sintered road pads are Brembo's most popular aftermarket pads. The new SA (front) and SP (rear) sintered compounds are excellent for the latest generation sports bikes. Manufactured through a particular production process, these brake pads have a high friction coefficient, excellent initial bite and are superb in both wet and dry weather for fast road use. These are an excellent alternative to Original Equipment pads!

Competition Compounds

SR - The Track Pad
The SR (front) pad is a sintered high performance race pad specifically for sports street riding and moderate track use. It has a very high and stable friction coefficient particularly at the extremely high temperatures generated in racing and track-day use. However, because it is sintered it is excellent both hot or cold so it is a superb pad for track days, racing or high performance road use. It is not suitable for use on rear discs!

Rear Pad Compounds

SP - The Rear Pad
This is a sintered compound, specific for rear application, is characterised by a consistently high friction coefficient in all conditions of use, both hot and cold, combined with low wear which ensures long life and adequate mileage.

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