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CL Brakes/Carbon Lorraine have developed brake pads for each segment of the motorcycle market (road, sport, urban and off-road) a dedicated product whose technical characteristics always aim at offering a product combining high level braking performances, durability and respect of the brake disc.

Prices are per caliper and the full catalogue can be found HERE.

A3+ Road, medium and powerful bikes
Good braking capacity at high energy: power and progressiveness. No fading, minimal loss of efficiency in wet weather. Remarkable lifetime, exceptional in case of heavy and powerful motorcycles.

S4 Road, low bikes
Long life performance and reduced wear of the discs. Consistent "feeling" and high braking progressiveness.

RX3 Road, all bikes
Excellent proportion between pulling effort and braking. Very low wear rate of disc and pads.

XBK5 Road, Supersport
Very high performance sintered metal brake pads designed for supersport bikes. Excellent grip for an extremely reacting braking. High performing braking in dry or wet weather. No fading.
C60 Racing use only
Very good grip, extremely reactive braking. High performances at low and high temperature. Excellent wear of the disc. Developed with top riders.
Please note price is per caliper !!
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