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Matris F43SP USD 43 fork

The F43SP fork kit is supplied with rider set-up specific fluid and a set of linear springs in Si-Cr alloy steel, available in different rates which is initially sprung for your weight in gear, specifically for different bike models and the rider’s weight for a totally custom suspension install.

Available with your choice of chrome or gold (TIN/Titanium Nitride treatment) stanchions, the 43 mm chromed steel inner tube installs in a 50/54 or 50/55 mm black oxide treated aluminium alloy outer tube with a fork lower CNC-machined from a solid billet of aluminium alloy with 100 or 108 mm radial caliper bracket.

Features include compression, rebound and spring preload adjustment, with “Speed Sensitive System” damping that responds to the damping speed of the advanced hydraulic sealed and pressurised cartridge.

Diameter 43 mm Chromed Steel inner tube.

On demand with PVD TIN treatment (Gold version) or DLC treatment (FullBlack version).

Outer tube made in Aluminium alloy  (Al 7075) with black  oxidation treatment, available in diameter 50/54 or 50/55 mm.

Bottom fork machined from solid in Aluminium alloy (Al 7075).

Radial brake caliper 100 or 108 mm.


Spring preload mounted on axial roller bearings, with specific clicks (adj. range: 15 mm)

Rebound (Blue) unit with specific clicks (adj. range: 38 clicks)
Compression (Red) unit with specific clicks (adj. range: 38 clicks)

Damping by hydraulic sealed and pressurized cartridge system (F25 series) “Speed Sensitive System”.

  • Standard (Stelo Cromato / Chromed inner tube)
  • Gold (stelo TIN / inner tube with TIN treatment)
  • Full Black (stelo DLC / inner tube with DLC)

*Please be aware that these Forks are custom made for you from the Matris Italian Factory and non refundable once ordered*

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