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OZ Racing




Made in Italy 🇮🇹

Finally, a road racing wheel. The extreme shapes of the iconic 5-spoke design make a statement thanks to the qualities of the forged aluminum and its inspired design. Lightweight, but without compromising rigidity. A road wheel that pays big rewards, even for the most exacting riders.

Model - ROAD
Design - 5 spokes
Production process - Near-Net Shape Forging + Heat Treatment + Shot Peening
Material - Aluminium Alloy
Front Components - Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, disc holder flanges.
Front Width range - '3,50"
Rear Components - Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, sprocket carrier, disc holder flanges, rubber dampers
Rear Width range '5,50" - 6,00"
Diameter chosen - 17"

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