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The Accossato forged brake caliper was born as an evolution of the cnc-made caliper using the best technologies and alloys available on the market. The use of this caliper is reserved for users who want to make use of the bike both at an amateur and professional level. - The shape and dimensions of this product have been studied in order to guarantee the best weight, but at the same time the maximum rigidity of the body, in addition to an excellent dissipation of the heat generated by braking.

The Radial brake caliper is forged monobloc. The distance is 108 mm and the off-set is 22.5 mm. Dust Seals included. The calipers have been designed to guarantee the lightest possible Weight, The optimal level of rigidity of the body and the best capacity of heat dissipation generated by the braking process. Accossato calipers reflects the "Made in Italy" quality: during the machining, The caliper body is 100% controlled by tridimentional lab machines and later it is treated with a black oxidation treatment. This ensures a long-lasting resistance. There are 4 pads for each caliper, ST Compound included in the caliper with code AGPA134 or you can choose to upgrade the compound to the ZXC.

SINTERED for guarantee a high and costant grip level at high and low temperatures, giving a good grip on wet ground or ZXC a dual compound ideal for racing use.

The caliper can be anodyzed or painted, choosing from many colours. This caliper, with its colour customisation, is recommended for both racing and street use.

Technical Features: -

  • Forged aluminum monobloc technology
  • Anti-corodal oxidized material, anthracite color
  • Distance: 108 mm
  • Off-set 22.5
  • N ° 4 pistons (AGPIA34) in aluminum, d.34mm, with dust cover
  • 4-pad system (in 2 possible compounds: AGPA134 EV1, in carbon ceramic, AGPA134 EV2, in progressive carbon ceramic) to guarantee excellent cooling capacit
  • Dual Carbon pads (included
  • Dual Sinter pads (extra on request)
  • Hydraulics from first plant
  • Weight with pads 925 gr, without pads 660 gr
  • Micropallined finish / finishing: sandblasted
  • Supplied as a pair*
  • Shipped direct from Italy.
  • picture may diifer slightly from item received
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