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Renthal Brake Pads


A premium, high performance sintered metal brake pad with excellent wet and dry braking power. Designed specifically for sportbike applications.

Renthal RC-1 Sport Brake Pads are the choice where maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade and quick bed in time are important considerations.

• Sintered metal compound eliminates brake fade

• Formulated for quick bed in and immediate response

• High tech ceramic heat shield reduces heat transfer from the pad to the brake fluid

• Inter granular graphite structure prevents brake noise

• Front brake pads use a high performance, HH+ rated compound

*Picture is generic pic of renthal rc-1 pads

*Price is per caliper

 EBC - Renthal Cross Reference Chart

FA47 BP-511
FA063 BP-519
FA140 BP-533
FA142HH BP-526-HHP
FA145HH BP-506-HHP
FA158HH BP-500-HHP
FA174 BP-501
FA187HH BP-502-HHP
FA188HH BP-503-HHP
FA192 BP-524
FA196HH BP-532-HHP
FA209/2HH BP-529-HHP
FA213 BP-528
FA226HH BP-526-HHP
FA229HH BP-504-HHP
FA231HH BP-505-HHP
FA236HH BP-506-HHP
FA244HH BP-507-HHP
FA252HH BP-527-HHP
FA254 BP-525
FA261 BP-508
FA261HH BP-509-HHP
FA265HH BP-510-HHP
FA266 BP-530
FA296HH BP-510-HHP
FA322/4HH BP-512-HHP4
FA335HH BP-513-HHP
FA347HH BP-514-HHP
FA363 BP-523
FA379HH BP-515-HHP
FA380HH BP-527-HHP
FA388HH BP-531-HHP
FA390HH BP-516-HHP
FA417/4HH BP-517-HHP4
FA419 BP-522
FA436 BP-521
FA442/4HH BP-520-HHP4
FA447HH BP-518-HHP

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