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02 Fork Oil


Silkolene 02 Synthetic Race Fork Oil, in 1 Litre, is a Specialist Synthetic Motorcycle Race Suspension Fluid. This a unique synthetic Fork oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, has integrated a race-developed foam and wear-resistant chemistry, to give exceptional performance in the latest front fork suspension systems.

This Silkolene motorcycle racing synthetic fork oil, has a fork oil viscosity of 2, offers outstanding resistance to shear forces and high temperatures. Ideally suited to long distance events and severe conditions where consistent performance, from start to finish, is vital. Reduces friction and 'stick-slip' to give a smoother and more constant action. Used extensively by factory teams and suspension specialists in off road and road racing competition. This 100% synthetic formulation is optimized to combat fluid volatility especially at high temperatures, ensuring predictable damping characteristics in all types of air, nitrogen and argon-filled suspension systems.

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