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Comp 4

Comp 4


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Silkolene Comp 4 XP Motorcycle Engine Oil, is a synthetic ester based oil with XP Technology designed to give improved fuel savings, less engine wear and more power for road and track use. This high performance four stroke engine Oil has exceptional stay-in-grade formula to protects engines and transmissions whilst combating wear and friction on all critical load surfaces, even at high temperatures and during cold starts.

This Silkolene Ride Comp 4 XP Motorcycle Engine and Gearbox Oil, replacing Silkolene Comp 4 Motorcycle Engine Oil, is ideal for use in higher ambient temperatures and conditions and is formulated for both air and water-cooled engines. Designed for stay-in-grade performance and long lasting corrosion resistance this latest Silkolene Motorcycle Oil is suited for intermittent use and many vintage and classic machines.





* Please note that from Autumn 2020 Silkolene has rebranded all 4 Litre bottles into more enviromentally friendly and recyclable boxes, once the stock of bottles runs out all oils will be in the boxes *

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