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Pro 2


Silkolene Pro 2 Motorcycle Racing 2 Stroke Oil, is the ultimate 2 stoke pre mix oil for high performance competition engines. This fully synthetic ester two stoke oil, which contains Electrosyntec Technology, is designed to release full power by reducing friction and is ideally suited to Aluminium, Nikasil and standard Iron barrels.

Proven in track experience at Grand Prix and international level to provide the latest racing engines with the outstanding load-carrying and cleanliness requirements necessary for full power output, even at high fuel to oil ratios. Utilises aerospace technology to give the ultimate in lubrication and engine protection, and maintains film strength at high temperatures and stresses, often seen during motorcycle and kart racing. Resistant to ring-sticking and plug fouling problems, helping to maintain full output for the track life of an engine. Incorporates special additives to combat the problem of the throttle sticking in wet condition, often experienced with some types of racing carburettors. Combats varnish and carbon deposits on and below piston rings to prevent ring sticking and give more efficient ignition. Forms a highly effective seal between cylinder, piston and ring, enabling the engine to produce optimum power throughout the rev range. Extends engine life, virtually eliminates small end pick-up and has been seen to double crank life in certain applications.

CIK FIA Homologated.

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