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XM2 Quick Action Throttle


XM2 - Desmodromic, with two colour grip Black/Red

The XM2 is probably the market leader and most popular throttle control in modern day race paddocks across the world. The lower the °/mm the quicker and faster the throttle opening. The XM2 push/pull unit uses twin cables and comes with the three different quickness rings pictured.

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Gold painted
Cable Type: Two cables pushpull
Quickness (White Ring): 2,6 °/mm
Stroke (White Ring): 36 mm
Quickness (Red Ring): 2,7 °/mm
Stroke (Red Ring): 25 mm
Quickness (Green Ring): 2,9 °/mm
Stroke (Green Ring): 33 mm

Fitting instructions can be found HERE

Cables if needed will need to be purchased along side the Quick Action Throttle.

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