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Domino Racing


XM2 Throttle


XM2 - Desmodromic, with two colour grip Black/Red

The XM2 is probably the market leader and most popular throttle control in modern day race paddocks across the world. The lower the °/mm the quicker and faster the throttle opening. The XM2 push/pull unit uses twin cables and comes with the three different quickness rings pictured.

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Gold painted
Cable Type: Two cables pushpull
Quickness (White Ring): 2,6 °/mm
Stroke (White Ring): 36 mm
Quickness (Red Ring): 2,7 °/mm
Stroke (Red Ring): 25 mm
Quickness (Green Ring): 2,9 °/mm
Stroke (Green Ring): 33 mm

Fitting instructions can be found HERE

Bike specific cables if needed will need to be purchased along side the Quick Action Throttle, this listing is for the throttle body and cables separately not as a kit.

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