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YLP Series - the lightest and most compact lithium starter battery for motorcycles

The following part numbers and thier Yuasa equivalent


Ultralow weight and compact design!

The unique design of these batteries, totally different from any other lithium batteries in the market, allow a great weight saving and reduce battery footprint. The dimensions of a 14AH lithium batteries are tipically same of a 14Ah lead acid battery, while the dimensions of our YLP14 lithium battery are almost half compared to OE lead acid battery.

Not only that: YLP batteries features the advantages of ALICHEM Lifepo4 technology. The safest lithium iron phosphate technology allow long life cycles (up to 3000 cycles @ 80% Dod) and secure great power even @ low temperatures. That is why our batteries are trusted by many customers from Finland to Brazil, from Australia to Chile - the performances of the batteries are reliable in any climatic condition.

Exclusive features

  • Good behavior at high and low temperature (test @ -18°C)
  • Up to 3000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Up to 12000 start
  • Weight reduction: 50% lighter than traditional batteries
  • Ultra rapid complete charge: 100% in less than 40’
  • Ultra rapid partial charge in less than 2 minutes
  • Lowest self discharge rate: < 0.05 % daily (battery disconnected)
  • Longer life : 3 to 5 times higher than traditional batteries
  • Fit any mounting position 

Eco-compatible and safe

  • Lithium iron phosphate cells LIFEPO4
  • Active Balancing embedded control electronics with Microprocessor control
  • No liquids inside
  • Low impact materials
  • No lead nor other materials
  • Robust ABS recyclable case

On board charging

Always check that the charging current and the charging voltage are compatible with the product features, as written in the specification sheet.


  • QC on each piece for every step of the assembling process
  • Assembled in Italy
  • Cutting edge last generation components


  • EMC Compatibility [ EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 ]
  • CE declaration
  • ROHS compliant [ 2002/95/EC ]


These batteries can be charged with CB1203 or CB1210. We recommend for 99% of the cases to use CB1203 as it is very reliable and acts as mantainer, keeping the battery in full state of charge for long time. If you already have a trcikle charger, please check the list of compatible mantainer before purchasing a new one.

ATTENTION: it is very important to check the battery charger to be used with ALIANT batteries, BEFORE FIRST USE. The use of a wrong charger stop any kind of warranty protection and can be very dangerous. Contact our technical support for any question about it.

Hybrid Applications

ALIANT YLP batteries are PURE STARTER batteries and cannot be used for any other applications or purposes apart from engine crank / start. Do not connect ALIANT YLP in series or parallel in ANY CASE. ALIANT YLP shall be used only in motorcycle with ONBOARD ALTERNATOR and CHARGING SYSTEM.

Aliant YLP is the choice of champions: STEVE TUNER RACING KTM team has been using ALIANT YLP for more than 3 years in the World MOTOCROSS championship MOTOCROSS MX1 e MX2.



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